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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Special Local Rate

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can stop collections actions against you, stop wage garnishments, and ultimately resolve certain debts so that you are no longer responsible to pay them. This process begins with a determination if you fit into the requirements to file a Chapter 7 case, and then requires documentation to establish your financial situation. If you are being harassed by creditors, facing a collections lawsuit, or your wages are being garnished, you should call us to prevent further loss. 

Our firm can offer experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy representation to individuals or families who reside in Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, Putnam, or Orange counties for an affordable flat legal fee. Our firm hopes that the services we can offer will serve the public interest by improving the local economy, and serve our clients by reducing the stress caused by debt collectors. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For certain clients, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide relief when Chapter 7 cannot. Chapter 13 is used for those who have regular income but are still drowning in debt. It can be used to preserve your home when facing foreclosure, to pay back certain debts interest free, and to discharge other debts after the process is completed. Many Chapter 13 clients can eliminate their obligation to pay back certain debts such as medical debt, credit card debt, second mortgages, and personal unsecured loans, while keeping their valuable assets like real estate or cars. It can provide priceless breathing room for those who are overwhelmed with debt. If you are considering bankruptcy but believe you make too much money, you should contact our office to see if a Chapter 13 could be beneficial to you. 

Debt Negotiations and Your Credit Score

For clients who do not qualify for bankruptcy, or who do not have enough debt to rationalize filing bankruptcy, our firm can help by negotiating directly with your creditor and potentially settle your debt with them. Sometimes a manageable payment plan can be set up, and a significant amount of your debt could be forgiven. Other times, we can assist you in disputing the debt and fighting back against an abusive creditor. 

If you are facing problems with debt, your credit score may have been affected or could be affected further. Our firm can discuss your credit score and steps you can take to build it back up after falling behind or defaulting on debts. 



People are sometimes fearful of bankruptcy because they believe that they will “lose everything” or have to give up all their assets. This is simply not true, and this fear can be alleviated by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer with some very basic information. When you meet with your local bankruptcy attorney at Selby Legal, ask us about the assets that you want to keep the most and that you are most worried about. As our consultations are free and we charge a flat rate for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you can get valuable insight into your financial options without worrying about surprise charges from your lawyer. We aim to reduce your financial stress, not increase it by charging for basic information. Call us to learn how bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start while keeping your home and car.