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Accidents and Injuries 

Accidents happen, but many times, someone is to blame. In this country, our laws provide relief to the injured by way of the legal system, which intersects with the insurance industry in many ways. George C. Selby, Esq. is experienced with interacting with insurance companies for cases that can be resolved with a settlement, and with courts, for cases that cannot.  Injuries can start off as what seems like an insignificant ache or pain, but can quickly be discovered to be a serious injury that may require surgery to correct, which means that you lose time from work, and that you may be confined to your home for months at a time. Even if you are not the type of person to "point fingers," our system expects you to do so in order to get relief. We can, and will, fight for every penny you deserve. For Injury cases, if we do not recover, then you do not pay.

The Process

If you have suffered through a car accident or other trauma, the clock is ticking. Besides the statute of limitations that may apply to your case, there is great importance in preserving the evidence in case of an eventual trial and in preparation for negotiations to settle. Upon retaining our firm, your case will be reviewed in depth to identify possible witnesses, documents, and recordings that will assist in prosecuting your claim. If needed, our firm will hire investigators, experts, and doctors to help prove your case. The evidence will be gathered as soon as possible, and you will be updated regularly. Your case file will be continually updated until a resolution can be reached.

Why A Small Firm Works Better For You

It is well known that personal injury is big business, but just because a law firm spends tens of thousands of dollars per month on advertising does not mean they can represent you more efficiently or get you a better result. In fact, many large firms will use assistants or paralegals, not lawyers, to work on some extremely important aspects of your case. Additionally, a big firm can assign an attorney to your case that you have never met, and expect that same attorney to handle dozens (if not hundreds) of cases at the same time. When your law firm doesn't need to cover gigantic advertising costs and payroll each month, they can focus on their actual job, which is to resolve your case as best and as soon as possible. Many clients complain that their lawyer never calls them back, and this is another side effect of having dozens of cases on their desk that they may consider more likely to pay their overhead than your case. Our firm can promise that you will always be informed about your case and that your questions will be answered, so that you can focus on the other parts of your life.