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Criminal Lawyer

George C. Selby, Esq. has represented individuals facing charges such as DWI, drug charges, welfare fraud, assault, larceny and more, ranging from violations to felonies. If you have been arrested, then you need to make sure your rights are protected and that your case is resolved in a fair and just way. Our firm can help you deal with this stressful time by advising you about the process, gathering evidence for your defense, reviewing the prosecution's evidence against you, and resolving your charges in the best way possible. 

DWI Lawyer

Drinking while driving is the most common criminal offense, and because of this it has developed its own distinct set of rules and consequences. If you are charged with drinking while driving, your driver's license will be affected, and you will be required to take part in educational courses and possibly see a counselor. The process is never easy, but with our office's extensive experience with these types of charges, you will know what to expect and what you need to do in order to get you back on the road. If hired for your DWI charge, we will dive into the circumstances of your traffic stop, review the arresting officer's documentation, and study all of the prosecution's evidence to check if the rules were followed. 

The Help You Need

Being charged in criminal court is extremely stressful. It is not uncommon to lose sleep, but sometimes this stress is unfounded or exaggerated by the events of your arrest. The last thing you need is an attorney that is "too busy" to call you back and keep you updated about your case. Please contact our office and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.