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New Paltz Foreclosure Attorney

It all started when...

- "I was served with Foreclosure papers!"

- "My bank wouldn't accept my payment!"

- "They said they didn't get the documents I sent them!"

As a foreclosure attorney, George C. Selby, Esq. has seen many tactics and strategies used to by Banks to kick people out of their home, and has used his own tactics to keep people in them. Foreclosure defense involves knowing what the banks want, and giving it to them before they ask for it. It involves knowing when there is hope to modify your mortgage, and when it might be better to surrender, and buy time until then. Whether you are one month behind on your mortgage or one year, if you are facing a foreclosure, you will be able to review your options during your free consultation with our office. 

Having an attorney assist you with a mortgage modification could significantly improve your chance of success. If you have seen them, you know the forms the banks give you are long and complicated. Additionally, many attorneys are limited to defending your foreclosure in state court, but sometimes a Federal Bankruptcy case is the ace-in-the-hole for families facing foreclosure. For example, if there is a foreclosure sale scheduled, a bankruptcy filing can be used to immediately stop the sale, and likely assist in obtaining a modification.