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Stopping Garnishments, Foreclosure, and Evictions With Bankruptcy

If you owe someone a debt, they can take many actions against you to collect. Garnishments that take 10% of your paycheck could be devastating to your family, just as a sudden relocation of your home would be. By consulting with your local bankruptcy attorney at Selby Legal you can learn about the "automatic stay" that goes into effect when you file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. The automatic stay is a Federal Court Order that immediately goes into effect when your Hudson Valley bankruptcy lawyer files your case. While this order is in effect, creditors, including landlords and home mortgage lenders, will not be able to collect against you or continue removing you from your home without asking the Bankruptcy Court for permission - which can be costly and time consuming for them, meaning they may just wait until your case is over. Further, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to use the automatic stay to your advantage could help you secure a loan modification or repayment plan to keep you in your home permanently. Selby Legal can offer you the experienced help of a bankruptcy lawyer and foreclosure lawyer starting with one free consultation. Contact our office for more information. 

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