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Timing is Everything When Discussing Bankruptcy

Experienced bankruptcy attorneys will often ask clients when certain things happened. “When did you file your taxes?” “How long have you been at your current job?” "When did you pay back that loan?” “When did you buy your car?” If you are struggling to pay bills or catch up on credit card, mortgage, or car payments, the sooner you speak with Selby Legal about your legal options, the better. The bankruptcy code is full of time limits and deadlines. Sometimes, a well-meaning client can work so hard to pay their bills over a certain period of time that it actually complicates their bankruptcy case. Some clients will pay back a large debt at a bad time, causing complications with bankruptcy that may require a reversal of that payment. Other times, hard-working individuals work overtime for years to pay their debts, and then find out that they need to file a bankruptcy anyway because their debt remained out of control or something unexpected happened. If you are constantly playing catch-up with your bills, have a bad credit score, or are facing foreclosure, don’t let fear of bankruptcy stop you from setting up a free consultation with Attorney George C. Selby. A simple discussion can take a problematic time-limitation and turn it into a plan of action. Don’t let fear prevent you from getting the fresh start you need. Call Selby Legal today.

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