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If you or anyone you know is making payments to a "DEBT REPAYMENT" or "DEBT CONSOLIDATION" or "DEBT NEGOTIATION" organization, they need to speak with Selby Legal for a free consultation immediately. Very often, these organizations take money from debtors who would have been much better off if they had spoken with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Although these organizations are often non-profit, they are still making money off of good people who want to pay their debts but cannot, and do not tell tell their customers about the facts, benefits, and relief that bankruptcy can offer. Very often, because of these organizations, I will discover that my clients have suffered a huge, unnecessary loss of money, and a "hit" to their credit score much worse than would have been caused by bankruptcy. If they had accurate information from an experienced Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney, they could have weighed all their options and made the best decision. 

 Selby Legal can offer you the experienced help of a bankruptcy lawyer and foreclosure lawyer starting with one free consultation. Contact our office for more information.

George Selby