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What if I can't afford a bankruptcy attorney?

We have set our bankruptcy fees to be an incredible value given the amount of attention each of our clients receives from an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Let’s face it, though: someone who is considering bankruptcy protection might be having a hard time imagining how to come up with any extra money.

Clients do ask for payment plans, but there’s a catch: attorney fees can be discharged in a bankruptcy. For that reason, attorneys need to be paid up front for this service, or most of us would be filing for bankruptcy ourselves!

Here’s the good news: we offer a free consultation, and during it we can identify which of your debts would be eligible for discharge in bankruptcy. Sometimes it makes sense to forgo those payments to get the case filed, since you won’t have to pay them anymore after that point anyway. The trick is knowing what you should keep paying, and we can help with that.

Friends and family also might be willing to give or lend you the money. Bankruptcy is a permanent solution and they might see that it’s more valuable than simply helping out with this month’s bills. That’s because most debts can be discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy. Creditors aren’t allowed to try to collect those debts during bankruptcy protection, either, and that includes garnishing your wages.

Contact us with any bankruptcy questions you have. The conversation is free, but you may found the information to be invaluable.